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Teeth Whitening
Dentist McMinnville

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Professional vs Home Teeth Whitening

There is one thing everyone who comes into our Hometown Dental office wants out of their visit. A whiter smile. They get it after we professionally clean their teeth, but after a few days of eating and drinking and the teeth become yellowed again. Even with proper oral care, it is hard to figure out how to keep your pearly whites, white!

There are two different types of things you can do to keep your teeth white all year round. The first is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by an expert, while the second is to have them cleaned by using home kits and tricks. But which one is better? Which is going to get you that pearly white smile you deserve?

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is all about our team giving you the best results in an afternoon. It is very similar to a regular dental checkup and cleaning. We get you in the dental chair and polish your teeth to remove any surface plaque, and then we will use gauze to keep your teeth dry.

We then place retractors and a barrier against the gumline to prevent anything other than your teeth from being exposed to the whitening agent. Once everything is secure, we will coat your teeth with the whitening agent and then activate the agent with a laser. You will need to wait for 30-60 minutes to have the solution activate and get your teeth to the shade you want. We rinse your teeth to get any excess off of them, and if your teeth are not the desired shade the process is repeated over several visits.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

There are also professional home whitening kits that our dentists can offer you. You just need to have an impression of your teeth made in special trays. When the trays are heated up and placed on your teeth, the same activation occurs, and your teeth are coated with the whitening gel.

You leave the gel on your teeth for an hour, rinse the excess off and then see what you think. If your teeth are at their desired shade, then you can stop. If not, then you need another kit.

Looking at the Cost

The main separator between the at-home whitening kit and the professional care you will receive in our offices is the cost. Admittedly the home whitening kits are more cost-effective, but they also are not as thorough as a professional whitening. They can also be limited by user error, whereas our team knows what they are doing.

We also have a more effective teeth whitening agent, with up to 40% hydrogen peroxide, while home whitening kits only have around 10% of the same agent. Our in-office procedures can get you better results, much faster than home brands.

If you want your teeth whitened by a team of professionals, call 971-287-3477 to set up an appointment. Our trained and licensed dentists will schedule a procedure for you. Then you will not need to fiddle with home whitening kits or have to deal with yellowed teeth anymore.
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There is one thing everyone who comes into our Hometown Dental office wants out of their visit. A whiter smile. We help you achieve this, via teeth whitening!
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