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Myths About Invisalign®

There was a time, back a long while ago, where braces and other forms of restorative dentistry were seen as dorky. They were hard to take off and put on, difficult to manage and often messed with people’s perception of their cosmetic smiles. Fast-forward to the 20th century, we find that braces have gotten much better, but so has the misinformation. Our dental team at Hometown Dental wants to share some of the myths about one of the most popular braces in the world, Invisalign.

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses clear casings to gradually move your teeth into the right position. It is good for any case that would originally be done with braces, including bite problems, overcrowding in the mouth, and cases with missing teeth.

What You Can Treat

There are two myths surrounding what you can treat with Invisalign. The first myth says that you cannot treat complex cases with it, only very simple ones. The practice of using Invisalign has only been around for twenty years, but in that time, it has evolved into a treatment for all sorts of mouth problems. This leads to the second type of problem with Invisalign, the myth that it can treat anything. While an Invisalign treatment is very beneficial, some cases will need to be treated with something else. These include cases of worn teeth, a large number of missing teeth, and problems that stem from your jaw.

Invisalign is Fast

Invisalign offers several advantages over braces, but speed is not one of them. The use of Invisalign to control misaligned teeth takes about the same as if you were doing it with braces. Therefore, you do not have any control over the speed, as your biology controls how fast your teeth move into their proper position. Most Invisalign treatments can take anywhere from six months to two years, with the time changing depending on the situation in your mouth. If you have larger problems like overbite and underbite, the process will take much longer, than if you just had a simple gap in your teeth. Additionally, your teeth are much easier to align when you are younger. Adult teeth will take a longer time to align and heal.

All Aligners Are The Same

Another myth is that all types of aligners are the same. While our dentists love using Invisalign and highly recommend it to anyone needing braces, we also see some dentists pushing other brands. That is perfectly fine, but the myth comes in whenever they say all aligners are the exactly the same. Invisalign has been around longer, has been tested more, and it is easily the most popular of all the aligner options out there. Most aligners available are not as effective as Invisalign is, and if you want the absolute best you need to trust Invisalign.

Make Sure To Use Invisalign Today

If you have a need for braces, then make sure to come see our offices. Our team of dentists will make sure that we give you the best Invisalign that we can. Feel free to give us a call at 971-287-3477 if you have any more questions or want more myths about Invisalign debunked.
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Our professional team of dentists at Hometown Dental will make sure that we give you the best Invisalign that we can.
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