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Dentistry for Kids
McMinnville, OR

Child putting toothpaste on a toothbrush at Hometown Dental in McMinnville, OR

Rewarding Your Child At The Dentist

No child loves the dentist or going to the dentist for preventive dentistry and not a lot of them brush their teeth as well as they are supposed to. However, once the dentist trip is over and your child has no cavities or other problems, what do you do? In order to show them that going to the dentist is a very good thing and that they should care for their teeth, our dental team at Hometown Dental is all about giving them a reward.

The rewards can be big, or they can be small. We have found that connecting rewards and positive experiences at the dentist make the kids less afraid when they come back.

Take Advantage Of The Day Out

Often, when you take your kids to the dentist on a weekday, they get out of school and you get out of work. Once the appointment is over, why not take advantage of the time you have together. Some post dentist activities can include going to the park, eating at a family favorite restaurant, or doing a family activity together. Whatever you do, make it a tradition and soon your children will be connecting your annual trip to their visits with us!

Give A Treat For Good Behavior

This one works well for younger children who might have some trouble behaving or holding still in the dental chair. If they make it through the appointment without crying or fidgeting too much and use their words when talking to the dentist, then give a treat. This can be an allowance increase, a favorite food, or an activity that they enjoy.

Make sure to tie the reward to good behavior, and it will make your kids all the more eager to prove how brave they are. You can give more treats if they have no cavities as well.

Improve The Dental Rewards

With our pediatric dentists, our team often uses rewards for our patients. If a child has been well behaved, we let them pick out a toy or piece of candy from our toy box. Often, your children get to pick what movie or TV show they would like to watch as well while they are in the chair.

If they got through the appointment without any trouble, then perhaps you can extend the rewards. Give them some money to purchase a small toy from the local drug store or allow them to have some extra dessert or pick the movie for the night. This makes your child feel like they are being doubly rewarded and encourages them to keep doing better.

Praise Communication

Finally, one of the best things a child can learn with a dentist is all about communication. Being able to ask questions, talk about what is bothering them in a calm manner, and speaking up for themselves if something does not feel right should all be rewarded.

If your child and the dentist strike up a healthy rapport and are able to communicate, reward them. Our team at Hometown Dental is all about helping your children feel comfortable with us, and if you need any more ideas on how to reward your kids, please call us at 971-287-3477.
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Hometown Dental is all about helping your children feel comfortable with us, and if you need any more ideas on how to reward your kids, please call us.
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