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Dental Technology
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Image of dental technology at Hometown Dental in McMinnville, ORDental implants are one of the most popular full mouth restoration options available today. This is largely due to their significant durability and natural, aesthetically pleasing look. Improvements in dental implant technology have not only made this popular treatment more affordable but also accessible to a larger number of patients. Our professionals at Hometown Dental utilizes the latest methods and equipment to give you a brand-new smile through the use of dental implants. These new technologies not only allow you to achieve the smile you have always wanted, but they also provide a faster recovery process and more streamlined procedure.

Soft Tissue Laser

At the forefront of dental implant technology is the more widespread use of soft tissue lasers. A laser simply emits a concentrated beam of light that can be adjusted in strength for different applications. While lasers have been around for decades, the original designs were too bulky and expensive to be used in most dental offices. Dental soft-tissue lasers are used to remove gum tissue and connective tissue without the use of a scalpel. By removing tissue with a dental laser, our professionals eliminate the need for stitches and also reduce your risk of infection. This is because the heat generated by the laser cauterizes the incision site.


In addition to soft tissue lasers, modern implant technology has allowed our team to shorten the design and manufacturing process. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) equipment has eliminated the need to send molds and images to a lab for the creation of your implants.
Once the data is uploaded to the CAD equipment, our computer systems design a precision set of dental implants just for you. These systems also manufacture your implant crowns right here in our office.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Traditional x-rays involved the use of film and were somewhat time-consuming because they required that the images be developed. Digital panoramic x-rays not only save time, but they also give our team a more complete view of your mouth. Digital x-rays can be viewed instantly and are much easier for our team to store and share with other dental care professionals during your treatment.

Guided Dental Implant Tech

Guided dental implant technology uses the information gathered during your consultation appointment to determine the exact location where each implant post should be placed. By using this technology to install implants where your jawbone is the healthiest and most dense, our professionals are able to reduce the chances that you will need preparatory surgeries like bone grafts.

Micro Dentistry

Micro dentistry is a general term used to describe more precise dental procedures that are completed with the assistance of some sort of magnification device. Our team uses micro-dentistry to complete many common procedures in a less invasive manner so that less trauma is caused to the tissues of your oral cavity.
When micro dentistry techniques are used in conjunction with our other modern dental practices, we are able to provide you with highly successful procedure outcomes.

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If you would like to learn more about dental implants and the associated technology, then it is time to come see us for a routine dental exam and oral cancer screening at Dr. Brian Bomberger. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office at 971-287-3477 today.
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To learn more about our dental technology, come see us at Hometown Dental in McMinnville. You can schedule your appointment by calling our office today.
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