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Dental Crown
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Diagram of dental crowns with varying placement at Hometown Dental, in McMinnville.

The History Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns might not make you feel like a queen or king, but they can certainly make your mouth feel like royalty. A dental crown is a cap that goes onto a damaged, decayed or recently repaired tooth. The crown acts to protect the tooth, and it can be made of several different materials. Much like the crowns of the Middle Ages, these things have history, and our Hometown Dental team wants to share that with you.

Dental crowns are all about protecting your teeth while also being functional. You can brush them, floss them, and care for them just like a real tooth. They are a fairly common procedure for our dentists to perform, and we have installed thousands of crowns across all of our patients.

The First Dental Crowns

The first dental crowns have been around in both 200 AD with the ancient Eurasians using gold to make temporary crowns and in South Asia where the people of old Asia 4,000 years ago used gold caps and crowns for their chiefs and leaders. The gold and the gold tooth became a symbol of wealth for the leaders.

The Europeans began to build on the idea of crowns in the 1400's, and they began making dental crowns out of ivory and bones. They would even take teeth out of human corpses and install them into perfectly healthy and living mouths, which did not end well and caused the dead teeth to fall out.

Eventually, porcelain was found to be a good substitute for dental crowns, and it was soon used for everything. Dentures, crowns, and other fake teeth were all made out of porcelain for quite a while.

The True Porcelain Crown

In 1903, a doctor named Charles Land invented the porcelain jacket crown and created an entire crown made from porcelain. The ‘jacket’ part of the invention was the covering that protected the rest of the tooth from damage. It was a pretty good idea that stayed on until the 1950’s when metal was introduced into the crown. Crowns have been made of just about everything nowadays, and while some materials are better than others, they still protect your teeth.

Now crowns are used to cover broken teeth, repair dental bridges, and can even help to restore a tooth if needed. They are made from metal, minerals, and porcelain, and they come into every type of tooth restoration and replacement.

Crowns can last for quite a long time, going up to about 10 or 30 years with proper oral care and maintenance. You just need to worry about keeping your crown clean and caring for the crown can include brushing and flossing.

Getting A Dental Crown Installed

Getting a crown installed is one of the simplest procedures that you can have done, and they are typically tacked on at the end of a root canal or mouth restoration. Therefore, you do not need to worry about just getting a crown on its own.

If you need a crown or a procedure that requires a crown, then our Hometown Dental is ready to help you out. We are trained and licensed dentists able to perform any procedure you need, so please call us at 971-287-3477.
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If you need a dental crown or a procedure that requires one, then our Hometown Dental team is ready to help you out. Click here to learn more.
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